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Pre-Order Maybe We're All Diamonds

$ 24.00

Get Ready to Shine Bright with Maybe We're All Diamonds – Your Sparkly Guide to Self-Love!

This isn't just any memoir – it's packed with humor, heart, and more sparkle than a disco ball.

This dazzling story is a labor of love, written to remind you that all those hidden glittery sparkles within you are dying to break free and light up the world.

Maybe We're All Diamonds is a journey of self-discovery that will take you on a wild ride, filled with quirky anecdotes, vulnerability and empowering insights. With Ashley as your guide, you'll be inspired to embrace your flaws and mistakes, and transform them into a dazzling spectacle of light and color – just like a diamond catching the brightest sunlight!

Ready to pre-order your copy and join the party?

From now through May 19, you can secure an author-signed copy of Maybe We're All Diamonds. And guess what? We've got you covered with tax and U.S. shipping* – because who wants to deal with those annoying extra fees? 

And that's not all! As a pre-order bonus, you'll receive a personalized handwritten Love Everywhere encouragement card from Ashley herself. It's like getting a love note from your BFF, except it also doubles as a fabulous bookmark to keep you company on this glittery adventure.

Mark your calendar for June 8, 2023 – it's the official release date for Maybe We're All Diamonds. All pre-orders will be shipped on the official release day, so you'll be among the first to hold this glittery gem in your hands.

So, what are you waiting for? Pre-order today and let Maybe We're All Diamonds  show you how to shine like a diamond catching brilliant sunlight!

P.S. Calling all book lovers! Bulk order 40+ copies of Maybe We're All Diamonds and join us in Nashville for an epic self-care experience with Ashley and a stellar lineup of wellness experts this fall. Stay tuned for the date! Shine bright and pre-order now! 💎🌟

*Free shipping for U.S. orders only. International orders please email

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