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Have you ever surprised yourself by solving a problem you didn’t know you had the answer to? Somewhere deep inside you, the answer was there, and when you trusted your instinct, the solution just came out of you. Feels amazing, doesn’t it? Achieving goals and getting answers is one of the most empowering and eye-opening experiences. Every time I’ve tackled a challenge I inevitably level up on life, becoming even more aware of just how capable and powerful I truly am.

You might not always believe this, but you’re capable and powerful, too. You’re actually a badass, and you know a lot more than you think you do. But if you’re feeling stuck in a problem rut and don’t see a way out, I’m going to help you transform your perspective with just three simple rules. 

  1. Every problem has a solution.

    You can achieve any dream you have and crack whatever challenges you face. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that you are capable of greatness. No human life is without a fair share of pivotal moments of upheaval, heartbreak, and struggle; but you are a powerful force of goodness and love, and you’re capable of taking action toward finding answers and achieving your dreams. And don’t you dare let self doubt or self sabotage talk you out of going for it, take the deep dive into doing the work and believe you’re worth the effort and attention.

    Here’s what pursuit of figuring it out might look like for you:
  • Fixing the broken toilet without calling a handyman
  • Commiting to taking control of your own health and wellness 
  • Moving on from a toxic relationship
  • Applying for a new job/changing careers
  • Signing up for a new course or class
  • Attending an event where you don’t know anyone

This is your green light and giant “Yes!” to invest in what is important to you. 

  1. There are no unsolved mysteries. 

Maybe you’re thinking, “But Kris, what about that awful thing I’m facing that feels like an impossible task?” Here’s the cold, hard truth: if you can’t solve a problem, it’s because it is not really a problem. Certain issues we deal with in this life aren’t meant to be solved or can’t be avoided…Like death, gravity and taxes. You know, those pesky facts of life or laws of nature. But we’ve sent men to the moon, and even taxes have loop holes, amiright? The point here is that old cliché phrase, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” If you want it bad enough, if it’s important to you-if you simply cannot stop thinking about solving your problem or accomplishing your goal-then woman, it is possible! Ask yourself if you’re looking at solutions from every possible angle, and phone a trusted friend if you need a fresh nonjudgy perspective.

  1. Adaptability is the key to success. 

Maintain a growth mindset, keep searching for answers, listen to your inner guidance and pay attention to those mindful moments that shed light on how you’re feeling. Be open if and when things begin to deviate from what you planned or expected.

Here are a few insights that may lead you to change things up:

  • Lack of motivation. You just lose interest in solving this problem/achieving this goal begins to lack purpose.
  • It’s just not speaking to your heart the way it used to. You no longer feel called to achieve this particular dream.
  • Something else has taken priority. You’ve discovered a new passion or opportunity that ignites your heart more.

Sometimes shifting gears is necessary, and it’s totally okay! Give yourself the grace to be flexible; it’s part of this journey and just another stepping stone on the path to your best, most healthy and joyful self. Go with it and head on back to the drawing board, babe!

I love the way my bestie Marie Forleo describes it, “everything is figureoutable.” You’ve probably heard her talk on the stage of Oprah’s SuperSoul Sessions on this very topic, teaching how this one simple belief can make you virtually unstoppable. She’s expanded upon this empowering truth with her latest book aptly titled, Everything is Figureoutable, which I recently featured in my recent summer reading list

Is there a problem that feels impossible that you’d like to solve in your own life? Are you dreaming of a life that has felt slightly out of reach? You can take the steps toward achieving your goals right now by adopting Marie’s belief that truly everything is figureoutable. Comment below and tell me how you’re cultivating love and kicking fear out the door as you leap into your bright future of figuring it all out. You, my dear, have totally got this.

Peace & Problem Solving,

P.S. Want to dive deeper into learning what it means to figure it out?

Marie’s book is sure to inspire and encourage you to flip the switch on your perspective in a way that welcomes life’s challenges rather than living a life of struggle and dread. Become a problem solver and snag your copy of Everything is Figureoutable here.