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Love Everywhere

Love Everywhere Encouragement Kit

$ 95.00

We're all about community encouragement here, and it's obvious that so many of you are too! Each week we get multiple requests for bulk card orders because y'all are hoping to spread a little kindness in your communitiesmaking an intentional act of service with your friends and family on a mission to encourage and inspire the hearts of others. 

We thought we would make the process easier (and MORE fun) for you guys with this special limited edition encouragement kit that cultivates community interaction as well as gives you a little something extra to keep for yourself (and maybe even give a few items away to add even more sunshine to another person's day!)

The basic idea: Host a small gathering at your home or local coffee shop, and invite a few of your favorite people to sip some java or split a pizza. Make time together to intentionally write kind words on our signature encouragement cards as a group, and divide the contents of the kit however you'd like!

(Pro tip: This package is large enough that you could split the cost a few ways so everyone contributes, or ask your friends to donate $5 to attend the event—once the party and supplies are paid for, donate any remaining money to your favorite charity!)

Each Encouragement Kit contains the following:

50 Love Everywhere signature encouragement cards
4 "Be kind" mini pennants
4 enamel pins
4 Love Everywhere writing ink pens
2 "You are fine & good" ceramic coffee mugs
2 "Stand firm in love" prints
2 "Love is everything" prints
2 "You are fine & good prints

The retail value of this kit is over $150, but we are offering all these items together at a 40% discount as a thank you for supporting and cultivating the mission of kindness!

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