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About Ashley Robyn


Ashley Robyn is an artist, a stand-up comedy lover, a dancer, and a connector of people. She deeply loves boba tea and spaghetti, but never together. 

While she just published her first book, Maybe We're All Diamonds, it’s not her first circus. She spends her time as the ringleader of her family circus, living in a small house in Nashville, Tennessee, that she shares with two large fluffy dogs and two wonderfully human children.

Ashley enjoys cultivating a community of kind hearts and good vibes through the simple act of sharing words the same way friends share coffee. Graciously, sincerely, and with love.



In 2009, Love Everywhere Founder Ashley Robyn asked herself, "Can one small act of kindness change a life?" Armed with hidden notes of encouragement, she set out to share love with strangers wherever she went. Fast forward to today, and Love Everywhere has spread over 32,000 notes worldwide, from the Eiffel Tower to the Taj Mahal!

Each note is a hand-stamped, numbered gem, bringing back the lost art of handwritten messages in our digital age. These tiny notes have an incredible power: they travel the globe, touching hearts and letting people know they are seen, heard, and loved. Who knew a note could do all that?

Love Everywhere proudly offers socially responsible products with positive messaging. Each purchase includes a pack of our signature encouragement note cards, spreading even more kindness into the world. We're based in Nashville, Tennessee, with over 50 ambassadors scattered across the US and beyond.

You can connect with Ashley at