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5000 Love Everywhere Cards milestones store announcement thank you videos



Something utterly amazing has happened. In just two very short years, y'all have made it possible to distribute over 5,000 cards of kindness, encouragement and love out into the world to brighten someone's day. I say this with every big event that happens here, but I am just totally blown away that you all have gotten behind this tiny little idea of mine the way you have. THANK YOU to each and every beautiful soul that helped to make this massive milestone happen! 

What better way to celebrate the 5,000th Love Everywhere card than by launching this amazing new Website & General Store to offer you quality products that will help support this kindness project; and allow a very easy way for you to get involved with what we do! Each product sold comes with a pack of Love Everywhere cards for you to spread some goodness everywhere you go!

Grateful for you all,



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