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My Free Gift To You

It can be hard to find meaningful ways to communicate with your friends and loved ones when every single day of quarantine feels like the one before it. There’s only so many ways you can regurgitate your big event of the day when on your group zoom call or FaceTime (ahem, walking to the mailbox or just walking anywhere to get a change of scenery).
Today, in celebration of my birthday, I’m launching a totally free and uber easy 7-day email challenge with prompts to help you intentionally reconnect and encourage the people who matter most to you, even when you can’t physically be there. I was inspired to create this little toolkit because one of my favorite things to do at birthday parties is to ask everyone to share something they adore or admire about whoever is having a birthday. This practice ALWAYS puts a smile on the faces of everyone involved, especially the lucky birthday boy or girl. Since I can’t have a birthday party this year, I wanted to create an opportunity for you all to give that “It’s my birthday” feeling to the people you are closest to.
Every day for a week, you’ll get a brief email in your inbox with instructions and prompts to equip you to share a little extra love and gratitude with a specific person in your life; and it’s guaranteed to lift your spirits in less than 10 minutes per day! If you’ve ever emailed me, you know I always end every message with “Grateful for you,” so it seems appropriate to call this the “Grateful For You Email Toolkit”
Sign up for this FREE toolkit here, and bring a little joy to your world when you share kindness!

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