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3 No-Contact Ways to Stay Connected During COVID-19 Quarantines

This season of self-quarantine and social distancing is so bizarre and maybe a little overwhelming for a few of us who are germaphobes prone to anxiety. Quarantine can feel isolating, but you aren’t alone. I’ve been thinking about how this pandemic has really highlighted just how we are all connected and truly in this together. It might be scary to think of how easily COVID-19 can transfer from human to human, but some day this will all be over, and we will be free to join hands and be in community once more. When that day comes, I hope that we can recognize that we are all truly one (and maybe instead of spreading germs, we can spread love and kindness.) Until then, we’ve come up with three easy ways to help you (and others) feel less alone.

1. Become a Love Everywhere Ambassador
What does an ambassador do? @shareloveeverywhere ambassadors receive free packs of our signature encouragement cards to use for sprinkling kindness like confetti all over your city. Write your own kind words on the card (or any quote that inspires you!) snap a photo and leave it hidden in plain sight for a stranger to find. Easy peasy! If you're interested in joining our team you can apply here. Limited spots are available and applications close on 4/3/20.
2. Download Love Everywhere Encouragement Cards FREE
We've made our signature encouragement cards available as a free printable download that you can use at home! Simply print out the double sided cards, write your own kind words of hope, and then go take a walk in your neighborhood (leaving the notes on your neighbor's front porches) for a safe, no-contact way to show your community a little love!
3. The Take What You Need Flyer  
This popular free printable download just got an upgrade! We recommend putting one out by your mailbox for neighbors who are walking their dogs or out for a little fresh air. Or, if you do have to go out for groceries or gas, tape one up to the community bulletin board or on the gas pump for other people to find (and then go wash your hands!)
We might be physically isolated from each other, but we don't have to be emotionally isolated. Make sure to tag us in your photos on social media and show us how you #shareloveeverywhere in your community!

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