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The Truth Behind Love Everywhere and My Journey of Healing Trauma


There’s something I’ve only told my therapist and a very select few friends over the last 5 years. It’s the sort of heavy that brings a girl to therapy for the first time in years to unpack her shit. It’s the beginnings of a tiny thread that someone started to pull that eventually unravels the whole damn sweater I spent 32 years knitting into perfect existence.

It’s why I began a journey to healing my trauma and—like the thing that happens when you change one rug in a room of your house and then suddenly the entire house has to be updated with new paint/new furniture/scrap all the old stuff and donate it to goodwill—because your life is getting a complete redesign and it’s absolutely going to exceed your original plan to keep life nice and tidy forever.

I wasn’t planning on sharing this part of my story when Jessica Frigon from Project Love emailed and invited me to be a guest on her podcast, but if I’ve learned anything the past five years, it’s that I’m not actually the one making the plans in this life. Instead of the clean and easily digestible prewritten and rehearsed “happy story” I tell about the origins of Love Everywhere, I found myself opening up about my healing journey in a way I never have before, and speaking about things I wasn’t even sure I could say out loud. What I learned is that it’s all connected, as T-Swift would say, by an invisible string that has led me to exactly where I am now: living in more freedom and joy than I have ever before. But the road there has been treacherous, and I’m still learning and growing and healing...I will always be in a constant state of transformation; and from this perspective, I’m most excited about the fact that as humans, we can choose to keep healing and evolving until our very last breath.

The episode is now live. I hope you’ll take a few minutes to listen (episode is below!) and I hope that somehow it helps you navigate the messy unraveling in your own journey.

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