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Happy Small Business Saturday!

“Every time you spend money, you're casting a vote for the kind of world you want.” Anna Lappe
Happy Small Business Saturday! Way back in 2009 I created Love Everywhere to cultivate intentional acts of kindness so that people can see love where they did not before. Today our notes of encouragement have sparked over 20,000 kind words hidden in plain sight for strangers to find, and they’ve travelled all over the world with YOUR help! We literally could not exist without you, and I am beyond grateful that you’re here.
Today is the perfect day to talk about our awesome little business and what exactly we’re all about! With every purchase you make in our shop, you enable us to continue our mission to #shareloveeverywhere. Every order receives a FREE pack of our signature encouragement cards so that you can join us in sprinkling kindness like confetti in every corner of the world.
We have an amazing team of ambassadors who have committed their time toward cultivating intentional acts of kindness in their own neighborhoods, and their beautiful words and photos are the backbone of our community. Each year (coming up again in January 2019!) we open applications for new ambassadors. So those of you who are interested in being a more involved part of our community will want to keep an eye out for that announcement in just a few short weeks!
Running a small (mostly online) small business can sometimes feel lonely, but this beautiful community makes it feel less isolating and many times the encouragement that you have created here has kept ME going on the hard days both professionally and personally. As with every small business, there’s an actual person that’s behind all these posts and products (in this case, it’s me!) When you support my business, you are supporting my dreams of sharing kindness with the world, enabling me to keep this project going, create new designs, contribute to my family financially, and even donate a portion of our sales profits to nonprofits dedicated to helping others. THAT IS A MAJOR BIG DEAL! Thank you for being here, for supporting Love Everywhere by being a part of this community and by purchasing our designs. With every sale that comes  through, I always stop and do a happy dance and say a prayer of gratitude for you. If Anna’s Lappe’s quote above is true, you all are investing in a kinder world when you shop at Love Everywhere, and that is exactly what we all need more of.
If you haven’t seen our newest Holiday 2018 collection yet, it would mean so much to me if you’d check it out and let me know what you think of it in the comments below! Click here to visit the shop!

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