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"Love bomb" challenge

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This week I tried out another one of the challenges that soon YOU may be challenged to do through our Instastories. As far as challenges go, this one was a ton of fun and a really excellent way to share the love with friends of yours!
This "Love bomb" entailed gathering some of my friends to help me make cards. I provided them each with 2-3 cards and told them the basic premise of what to include and let them get to work. (Although they were a little hesitant because I told them I would be taking pictures!)
After getting over their camera aversion, they all seemed to really enjoy decorating the cards. One drew inspiration from a Chipotle cup :) and others wrote their favorite quotes or turned to Pinterest. My roommate Hannah even asked for several more cards because it was calming (and I agree!). 
Although I would love to have had my friends hide the cards with me, I decided I would ask them each to hide one the following day. I loved being able to share what I am doing with them and hope they each spread the love in their own way and pay it forwards!


I can't wait to see what all of you will do with this challenge!



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