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Love Everywhere & the Sisters of Nature Maker's Market

makers market pop up shop sisters of nature summer

Last Saturday we had the most fun ever participating in the Sisters of Nature Maker's Market! It was such an honor to be included amongst such a talented array of other makers. I left feeling so inspired!  Below are a few pictures of our time at the event. This was my very first pop-up shop and I was super nervous about it, but it turned out to be a totally great time!
Sisters of Nature
 Final thoughts are from a post I share on Instagram last week: If you've ever had an idea or a dream that you wanted to pursue, I'm here to tell you to just go for it. Even only 8 months ago, if anyone had told me I would have been standing in this gorgeous shop earlier today selling products I designed to awesome people, I would have said, "No way I'm capable of that." Yet, here I stood at my little table doing it! All that to say, please don't sell yourself short. If you've got an idea that you can't let go of, or a dream that feels need to know: IT'S POSSIBLE, and YOU CAN. Just believe in yourself enough to take that first step!

Photos courtesy of Sisters of Nature by Seiji Inouye & Davis Camp


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