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Self Care Confessions

Your intention is everything. 
What motivates you to go after your dreams, to be in relationships, to find answers to your burning questions?

So far 2020 is teaching me big things! I’m learning that if my intention in pursuit of anything I hope for in life isn’t grounded first in the willingness to grow and be responsible for my emotions, then I’m very likely going to get stuck or blocked or trapped somehow fighting against my own self.

If you’ve been here for a while, you’ve heard me say before how important it is that we own who we are and don’t operate out of fear. Fear is the opposite of self-awareness. Fear tricks us into thinking we are incapable, unworthy, unlovable, and wired for failure. BUT WE ARE NOT any of those things!

Last week, after a particularly hard day, I wrote “You are seen” in dry erase marker on my mirror. I’ve looked at it every day since and repeated this mantra over myself for days. But then last night I did something crazy. I spent 10 minutes looking myself in the eyes and talking to my own reflection in this same mirror. I treated it like catching up with an old friend briefly at the grocery store. I told myself what was going on in my own heart and what I hoped for the future. It felt awkward at first because, hey it’s me in the mirror 👋🏻 but then when I finished, I felt like I had finally heard myself for the first time in a long while in a way that wasn’t judgmental or dismissive. I smiled at myself, and took in the brightness of my freshly washed face.

Are you having a hard time feeling connected to yourself and your own hopes for your future? Perhaps this mirror exercise is a good one for you to try, too! (Also, please if you do this lmk bc I’d love to know how it goes for you!)
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