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Challenges Encouragement kindness is key

Whose up to the challenge? Over the past week I have begun to try out some of the challenges that we want YOU all to try (and share with us!) as an additional way to share love! Time to get a little more interactive! The idea of what I did this week to test some of them out was to start easy by making yourself happy. Once you’ve accomplished this, it is sometimes easier to extend that love and happiness towards others. Take a look at the three challenges I did as a trial run.
1. Share a post of something that makes YOU happy- and because it’s fall, make it fall themed? Personally seeing trees start to change colors, right outside my dorm window, fills me with joy and wonderment!

2. Document leaving a card on someone’s windshield. For example, I did this at the grocery store last week, and chose a car that had its lights still on… just in case it died, they could still have a small sense of joy (I hope their lights didn’t die though).

3. Give a card to a stranger and take their picture with it! (your presence in the photo may be optional :) ) Give the card to someone who seems like they need some uplifting and help pass the spirit of sharing love everywhere on to them!
She was a little camera shy!

We want to use these challenges as a way to share your love more, but also as a way to extend our love for you as customers! By completing challenges, we will be extending bonus rewards so get your competitive hats on and get to work!

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