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Collaboration Over Competition

We were recently invited to pick flowers at the one of dreamiest flower gardens in Nashville at the Natchez Glen House, and it made the best backdrop for a few of my favorite messages on our encouragement cards! 
By far my favorite part of this visit was hearing about the journey of the sweet folks who run this lovely place, their vision for this property, and their vast knowledge and passion for growing beautiful blooms. We talked about how wonderful it is when creative souls make magic together in collaboration rather than competition, and how lucky we are to be in a city full of kind people who genuinely want to celebrate each other's talents and gifts. When you are true to yourself and you're committed to pursuing a life that brings you joy, you'll find it becomes so easy to recognize the unique talents of others NOT as a threat to your own dream (work/self/fill in the blank with that thing you're holding onto so tightly) but instead, you discover we are all connected and that we can all grow and bloom together in a garden of love. 
How can you find someone to celebrate today? Let your friend know that you're proud of them for that side hustle they recently started—that little encouragement goes a very long way! Make a new friend to connect with over coffee only to learn about their journey. We can make the world a better place when we let go of our "that's mine" mentality and truly celebrate all of our many unique perspectives and skills. 
Photos by the amazing Kristen Frasca
Click here to learn more about the Natchez Glen House and follow them on Instagram!
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