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Sarah's Inspiring Fight For Her Life

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I am so honored to share a very special person with you all today! She's my beautiful friend, Sarah. Not only is Sarah one of the most kind humans on the planet, but she is also an amazing single mother to 3 young boys, she has a hilarious sense of humor, she's an outrageously talented singer, and overall fantastic human. I met Sarah 5 years ago when we were both pregnant with our youngest kids, and immediately I knew I had found a friend for life. 
Last year, Sarah was faced with one of the greatest challenges of her life when she was diagnosed with stage 4 of Renal Cell Carcinoma, a rare form of kidney cancer. She has endured various treatments and continues to fight for her life, all while still managing to be the most gentle, loving mother. Her strength and determination have inspired me to no end. 
The side effects of her chemo and the relentless pain, fatigue and extreme nausea she endures on a daily basis have made it impossible for Sarah to keep her job working in the restaurant/hospitality business. Her insurance has not been able to cover all of her treatments, and so she has many out of pocket expenses related to her pain medication and treatment.
Sarah has been a part of our Love Everywhere community since the beginning, and she always uses her own journey to encourage others. Because of her incredible story and tenacious kindness through it all, Sarah has touched the lives of so many of her friends, loved ones and even the strangers she meets at her chemo treatments and beyond. We are launching a special two week initiative to help Sarah in her fight. Between today (6/11/18) and 6/22/18 we will be donating 50% ALL PROFITS from anything in the Love Everywhere shop to Sarah to help her cover her expenses as she continues to battle this rare kidney cancer.
Please click here to shop now and join us in spreading kindness through hidden notes of encouragement in honor of this beautiful woman, and go follow Sarah for more about her journey. 

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  • Brooke Brooks on

    I met Sarah years ago through a mutual friend I worked with at a salon. She is the most selfless, loving, and kind hearted person I’ve ever met. Prayers go up every day for her. Prayers go out to you and this fundraiseras well! What a wonderful thing you are doing!!! I know her story is meant to be heard…please write to Ellen DeGeneres! ❤️

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