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Featured Love Everywhere Ambassador: Jessie

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Our group of Love Everywhere ambassadors is so fantastic that we decided to profile each of them (one every Friday!) to showcase just a fraction of their awesomeness with you here on our little corner of the world wide web!
This week I am so honored to bring you our featured ambassador, the one and only, Jessie McElwee of Soul Made Goods! Just reading her answers to the questions below makes me wish I lived near her so I could stalk her in a super-noncreepy way until she became my friend and I could have a front row seat to that beautiful/joyful/fun-loving/crazy-awesome personality of hers! 
Read on below about Jessie's thoughts on the political climate today and the reasons she loves the stock market. JUST KIDDING! She's way cooler than those two topics, and you'll see why in the next few paragraphs!
 What's the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for you? 
Oh this is hard. I feel SO loved and blessed to have the most amazing family and friends in my life. I honestly can't think of one particular thing that stands out, because even the smallest acts of kindness mean so much to me. For instance, the grocery store attendant I see every single day bought me a coffee on my birthday last month- how sweet is that! The customer-turned-friend that lives nearby has left me flowers from her garden and sweet little encouragements on my front porch for me just because—I love her. This week, my sister decided she'd grocery shop and cook for me on my bad days, since those simple tasks take up an enormous amount of energy and yet, to feel better and gain energy, I need food. 
How selfless is that!? Truly, the smallest gestures mean everything to me. It's important to be grateful for the little things- so many of them occur each day and if we don't recognize them, we miss a moment of pure happiness! I don't ever want a happy moment to slip through my fingers without recognizing and embracing it. 
If you were a color, which one would you be?
This is an easy one for me- I would be lime green! This shade has been my favorite since I was a little girl and I like to think it represents me; it's loud, bright, in your face, and somehow, always happy (because how could you look at that color and NOT smile?!)
Have you ever been on a boat?
Oh, yes I have! Numerous times. I live and grew up around Mission Viejo Lake and used to sail and/or fish with my Dad. 
Also, I was fortunate enough to go on the most amazing vacation of my life back in 2010. I spent 8 days on a private Catamaran island hopping the British Virgin Islands with my college boyfriend and his family. It was just as dreamy as it sounds! Our Captain and First Mate were high school sweethearts and while he manned the ship, she cooked us 5 star meals. I still can't believe that trip really happened! 
Do you have any hobbies?
I guess my hobby would be my art! I know it's my job/career but it's still something I would do every day even if I didn't make a dime from it. I wood burn, brush letter, and love making things out of wood. 
In the past I would have said my hobby is performing. I grew up performing in musicals and have been in nearly 100 plays, however after I became sick with Postural Orthostatic Tachycardia Syndrome, that was not really an option. I love to sing and continue to perform, but singing exacerbates my symptoms and makes me yawn--- could you picture me yawning on stage right as I'm trying to hit the high note? 
 Signature dance move?
ONE DANCE MOVE?! Nah, I have a billion. I'm basically the girl that sings/dances/acts out every song as it comes on (especially at weddings!) I have a tremendous talent for learning lyrics FAST and have absolutely zero problem dancing  my heart out, whenever and wherever I am. I'm kind of known for it in my family. Even my nieces and nephews (all under 8) are used to me breaking out into song and dance. They never look at me weird anymore. They just kind of ignore it. I bet they're thinking Oh, there's Aunt Jessie, doing her dancing thing again…”
How lucky are you, and why?
I'm SO lucky! For a billion reasons (some of which are more important than others). Let's start with the least important—I’ve literally won 5 radio contests & have received free tickets to shows, I've found money on the ground about a handful of times (like, big bills), and when I play games that have to do with luck, I somehow always manage to win or be in a pretty good spot. But for more important reasons—I'm lucky to be alive after a couple near-death experiences, I'm lucky to live in beautiful Southern California with a roof over my head, I'm lucky to have a diagnosis so that I can continue to work on getting my body healthier, and I'm blessed and lucky to have the most amazing, supportive, loving family. Life is good.

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