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Kindness is key

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Today I want to share with you all these amazing thoughts from my dear friend, Christyn, about her experience with our Kindness is Key tank top (and how it goes so much deeper than just words on a stylish knit top). Her words made me bawl my eyes out because this is exactly why I designed this shirt: to make us aware of how we interact with those around us; whether they are friends or strangers. 
Read on below, and please email me with your own stories of sharing love and kindness...I would absolutely love to hear how you're doing! (
Kindness is key.
The statement itself is so simple & strong. Then you get the t-shirt with the words written across your chest & it suddenly feels too simple & strong.
The reason why Love Everywhere pulls so hard on my heartstrings is I have a problem with vulnerability. I think lovely things about people regularly but I rarely translate them into words because it makes me feel too raw. The words exiting my mouth feel like I’m giving a little too much, something I can’t expect reciprocated. But when I am able to write those words anonymously and leave my heart for someone to find later, I’m training myself to become more comfortable with it.
So for the next challenge- I started wearing vulnerability across my chest via the phrase “kindness is key.” I’m drawn towards life choices that make me feel productive in every endeavor so I took this on as a sort of social experiment. It’s much easier to be vulnerable if you convince yourself it’s all about other people & their reactions.
But within a few hours and “nice shirt” comments, I realized the only person being tested was me. I found myself biting my tongue when I got frustrated with other drivers on my way out. I deleted the hurtful text message I was typing to my friend who had upset me earlier in the day. I found some patience for the inconsistent waitress at lunch. I found myself acting kinder and blaming all the irritability I felt on the fact that my shirt was keeping me accountable.
But I slowly become much less irritable with everyone else because my responses to them drew out a positive reaction in return. It was a cycle of humanity that I don’t practice nearly enough- one where we lighten up on each other and smile more.
But then something funny happened.
I changed my shirt and didn’t change my new attitude. I had practiced being kind so intentionally throughout the whole day that I was far more aware when I felt myself becoming unhappy and unkind later. Because kindness really is the key. 
Written & Photographed by Christyn Trelow
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