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Featured Love Everywhere Ambassador: Kitty

If you want to know what an adventurous heart looks like, look no further than this week's featured ambassador, Kitty Wang! She's a recent college grad with a heart of gold, and she's got a true knack for encouraging others, which is why we love her so very much! Read on for a brief list of her favorites, including an adorable pup named Pico (that straight up looks like a teddy bear), who I am just dying to snuggle!
Favorite quote? 
Every 6 months, I write down a quote that resonates with me the strongest during that time period. My current favorite is, “Live as though you can fly away any moment you wish; live as though you can but have always chosen to stay” (Tyler Knott Gregson). This quote describes perfectly both my constant need for adventure and the comfort of everyday routines.  I love to travel (15 countries - check!), but I also enjoy curling up with a good book at home. 
Do you have kids/pets? 
I have a 6-year-old female poodle named Pico! She enjoys falling asleep while I play the guitar, running laps around the house, and taking up more space than she needs in bed. As the youngest daughter in my family (my brothers are all married and have children of their own), Pico is my partner in crime. I cannot imagine life without this little diva. 
Favorite season and why? 
Gosh, it has to be winter! Here in sunny California, we rarely see any variations in temperature except blazing sun or a few instances of rain. A year ago, I had the fortune to study abroad for a full year in England and was able to travel all around Europe. I got to see and touch snow! As I squashed my nose against the window of a Panini shop in Brussels, Belgium, I could not help but marvel at how beautiful it is to see snow fall. 
What’s your guilty pleasure? 
I am a huge pluviophile, so I absolutely adore rainy days! There is something magical about the cool, moist breeze and pitter-patter sounds of raindrops hitting onto surfaces. I am the most inspired during rainy days; suddenly, I would have the energy to write for two hours straight, learn a new piano piece, or scribble into my drawing pad. 
What’s the nicest thing that anyone has ever done for you? 
There is an extremely delicious sandwich stand known as “The Red Tent” at the corner of the street at my school in England.  Mouth watering, I realized that I had skipped breakfast that morning, but I did not have any cash on me. The lady who learned of my situation kindly offered to give me any sandwich to my liking, saying that I could pay her back the next day. When I asked if she would like me to put my name down so she’d remember, she simply smiled and told me that she trusted me. The wind was so strong that day that I clung to my coat for dear life, by my heart was surging with warmth.
If you were a color, which one would you be? 
I’d have to be my favorite color – purple. I’ve always heard that people who like the color purple are sensitive, free-spirited, and tranquil. That is pretty much me in a nut-shell!

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