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Maker Showcase: Brock Road

Brock Road maker showcase new product yes you can key chain

Our YES YOU CAN key chain collaboration with Brock Road is so popular (and still available for PREORDER until Friday!), we thought it was time to share more about our good pal Drew Jones and his rad company with y'all! 
What Inspired Brock Road?
Starting a leatherworking business came about quite organically. I have been playing around with leather, making things for a long time. But it was because of much encouragement from my wife, Candis (@thejonesmarket) and my good friend, Justin - owner/head stylist of @holymoseshair, that I decided to invest in the craft. I took a belt making class at a local leather shop and asked a lot of questions about the process. I really just wanted to make quality  products that I wanted myself. 
painting skillz
I've been an artist/painter for many years and wanted to try a new medium. Leatherwork is absolutely an art. But different from painting, there is a clear set of steps to create a piece, which I liked. I've also really enjoyed developing my brand & aesthetic.
Brock Road
The name "Brock Road" pays tribute to where I grew up. I spent my childhood exploring the woods, surrounded by nature, in a log house built by my family. I will always feel connected to that place & time. I wanted to choose a name for my business that is strong, unique, and deeply connected to who I am. 
brock road 3
When you're working, where do you pull your inspiration from?
The driving force & inspiration for my work is: Nostalgia. I have a deep appreciation for things of the past. Whether it's movies, style, architecture, music, or products, I love the magic quality of those things from another lifetime. I like to base my designs and aesthetic on the simplicity & quality found long ago, while keeping up with modern style & trends.
What was the last gift you gave someone?
I gave 3 good friends, new belts, because I  really appreciate their friendship over the years. 
Brock Road 2
What is your favorite thing about living in your city?
We live in Westerville and I love going Uptown. There so many classic, quaint shops, a bakery with the best donuts around, and great restaurants. There is something so nostalgic & magical about this city. 
anti ques
If you could throw any type of parade in your city, what type of parade would it be?
A Dance Party Parade. Handmade floats, good music, dancing, and candy are mandatory. 
What's your guilty pleasure?
Ice cold Coca-Cola
Signature dance move?
There are so many. Best to ask my wife. 
Favorite quote?
"Measure twice, cut once."
How lucky are you, and why?
I'm lucky to be married to my encouraging, inspiring wife, Candis of The Jones Market. She always wants the best for me and our family, and works so hard to provide for us. I'm lucky to be living in the USA and able to pursue the American Dream. 
What would the name of your debut album be?
I was in a band once, a long time ago. We were called Capulet, inspired by Rome & Juliet, and our first set of recordings was titled: "The Prologue". I still like that title because it gives a sense that this is just the beginning.

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