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In Search of the Secret to Healing Past Trauma

This quote knocked me flat on my face the first time I read it:
“In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the experiences that shaped you.” -Andrew Dykstra 
I want to add my version of this quote: “In order to love who you are, you cannot hate the PEOPLE and experiences that shaped you.” So many of us have ten million reasons to hate the people who have wronged us. We avoid sharing the hard parts of life that break our hearts and our spirits in an attempt to pretend like it didn’t happen. Being wounded or broken becomes our excuse for not pursuing our dreams because we have convinced ourselves that we aren’t worth it. 
As I have been seeking out my own healing from past traumas, I found I could only get so far without looking at who I am and where I came from and being open to seeing it from a perspective of gratitude. I know now that without all that pain, who I am would be so much different. Until I fully understood that my darkest days truly have made my joyful days even brighter, I was hitting a wall that made me feel indifferent, blocked, and numb. If I continued to sit with the anger, embarrassment, resentment, and hatred for my past, I would never access my full potential, or find my freedom from the pain. 
It’s a long process of healing, and I know some days will still be full of tears and heartache, but I’m learning that there’s beauty to be found even in this. 
I’ve think I’ve always “known” it, but the past several months something has clicked inside my heart and now I truly feel it. 
If you’re hurting because of something in your past, I hope these words let you know that your story doesn’t have to end with the pain. You can take that hurt and turn it into positive creative energy that helps you own your truth. Yes you can. 

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