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Celebrating International Women's Day With Reebok x Love Everywhere

International Women's Day

Five years ago if you asked me what my biggest dream was for this project, I would have told you, “100,000 Love Everywhere cards distributed all over the world would be so AMAZING!”
As I sit here typing I can’t believe these words are real—I’m so thrilled to announce that in celebration of International Women’s Day, Love Everywhere is teaming up with Reebok to share kindness with the world in the most massive way EVER—200,000 of our signature Love Everywhere encouragement cards are waiting for YOU inside of Reebok Classics shoe boxes! My biggest dream five years ago is being DOUBLED this year because of the amazing people at Reebok who care so much about making our world a kinder place.
This beautiful promotion will run throughout the remainder of 2019, and I am so giddy over all the possibilities for such a massive amount of good vibes to be released into the world through this very special partnership!
It has been one of the greatest honors for me personally to help facilitate women encouraging other women through Love Everywhere. Our collaboration with Reebok this year helps us celebrate women far and wide, spanning the globe. Today (and always!) we celebrate that when women stand together to encourage, celebrate and help each other, we can turn the whole world upside down and make true magic!
Staying true to our fun and interactive cards, Reebok customers will be surprised to discover a blank Love Everywhere encouragement card inside of select Aztrek shoe boxes. Instructions that share what to do with the card are included, along with a special hashtag for sharing all the kind words being written.
To check out the Reebok x Love Everywhere sneakers click here.
Photographed by Kelsey Converse

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